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Nodal Ninja 3 rail settings with Samyang 8mm and Nikon D90 anyone??

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  • Nodal Ninja 3 rail settings with Samyang 8mm and Nikon D90 anyone??

    Hi all!

    I have read a few guides on how to locate the entrance pupil and adjust the upper rail on NN3(Nodal Ninja 3) but somehow although I think I got it right from all perspectives, still in PTGui I get some errors when allign the images. I have to add several control points to a pair of images, in order to optimize the panorama with "heavy + lens swift" mode, to elliminate disallignements and create the panorama.

    I thought if I got my equipment set up properly I wouldnt get errors in PTGui or missing control points.

    This is how I take the shots in portrait position:
    6 shots at every 60 degrees all around at -15 pitch
    1 zenith at +60 pitch or 2 shots(opposed) at +60 pitch

    The settings I got for NN3 with Nikon D90 and Samyang 8mm fisheye lens:
    Lower rail 48mm
    Upper rail 95mm

    The upper rail setting is very important and i started calculating it all the way back from 100mm to 88mm and found the sweet spot of no parallax at ~ 94-95mm.
    As it is with settings it is impossible to take a zenith shot at +90, the camera body gets in the way with NN3 friction knob, the one with central adjustment screw on top of it. U can only go at a pitch of +60.

    Does anyone have the same equipment and if so which are your settings for the rails on Nodal Ninja 3?
    I have looked on the internet but havent found anyone stating the exact rail settings for NN3 head and Samyang 8mm fisheye lens.

    Any help and info would be really appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.