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NN3 MKII + Nadir Adapter + Canon60D + Samyang Fisheye 8 mm

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  • NN3 MKII + Nadir Adapter + Canon60D + Samyang Fisheye 8 mm

    Hi everybody.

    Just purchased NN3 MKII with nadir adapter.

    I have Canon60D and fisheye "Samyang 8mm f/3.5 AS IF UMC Fish-eye CS II Canon EF".

    While I wait for shipping, does anybody have checked settings for right positioning camera at Nodal Ninja head?

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    I would love to hear some suggestions for settings as well. Anyone? Hello? Is this thing on?


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      Setting up the Samyang 8mm is independent of the choice of camera.
      I have put a diagram of the behaviour of the lens on on a page at: htm
      For more information click the link to
      The choice of where to set the NPP (No Parallax Point) depends on whether you chose to shoot 6 shots round or 8 shots round.
      I go for the bigger overlap with 8 shots round as this gives more common area for control points and more scope for using the Mask tool, but others perefer 6.