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Nikon d800 + sigma settings

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  • Nikon d800 + sigma settings

    Hello all could really use a bit of help!..
    Have been using D70s and NN3 for a few years now but have been lucky enough to upgrade to a d800.

    Does any one have the settings for the d800 + sigma 8mm f3.5 ex dg fisheye? would really appreciate some help..

    Many thanks


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    The settings for D70s and NN3 are - A=56 B=86

    The difference between D70s and D800 is A=-2mm, B=+6.4mm

    Therefore the new settings "should" be A=52mm, B=92.4mm
    Look here to understand the A and B

    All that said the D800 is a heavy camera - you will see yourself how convenient it is to use with NN3. NN4 is more appropriate for this camera.
    Note that most likely (I haven't tested it) there won't be enough space to rotate the camera fully up - the camera will snag on the NN3 lower rail or the rotator knob.
    Jan Vrsinsky
    Nodal Ninja Reseller in Czech Republic


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      Thank you jvr

      Am on a shoot today so I will let you know how I get on.


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        Hi just thought I'd give an update..

        Photos came really good - lots of detail. But have checked stiching in ptgui and its not bril! had a look at the settings and think (jvr) that the calculations are a bit off. here's what I've come up with:

        Settings for D70s with NN3 mk2 and cp1 with sigma 3.5mm lens:

        Difference between D70 and D800 (from entrance pupil database):
        A= -2
        B= +8.5

        Therefore I calculate that the correct settings for D800 nn3 mk2 with cp1 and sigma 3.5 are:


        Hope this is correct!

        jvr - you are right it is a close fit when moving the camera for Zenith and Nadir shots may have to invest in a bigger mount!


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          Hi Paul,

          To solve your problem with vertical height you could get a Nadir Adapter. This will give you more room.



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            Thanks Heinz

            Will take a look at that.

            As a matter of interest what's your preferred shooting setup? I'm playing around with either up or down 10-15 degrees for the horizontal shots - trying to decide what is easiest to edit in photoshop etc..


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              In case you do not want to shoot a zenith, you could use +7.5 pitch to take your shots around to close the zenith.

              I personally take a +90 Zenith to get the best out of the lens. Centrum is better than the corners. It would only pitch upwards to close the zenith and then you can close the Nadir either with Nadir1 and Nadir2 shots or even one handheld in matter of case.

              Normally you can do all your work in PTGuiPro without the need of PS.

              Would be nice if you could send me a set of shots with


              A set of pics with D700_Sigma 8mm/3.5.

              0, +5, +7.5, 2x +60 180 visa versa, +90, Nadir1 at -90, Nadir2 at -90

              This is to test the camera lens combination.

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