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D7000 with tokina 12-24mm

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  • D7000 with tokina 12-24mm

    Hi all,

    Im just bought myself a new NN3 MKII. Have been waiting a long long time to get my hands on a panoramic head. I have a nikon D7000 with tokina 12-24mm. I know it is not a favorite lens but i like to keep a compact and lightweight kit when im travelling and don't want to bring too many lenses. I would mostly be using it for landscape panorama.

    But i'm having trouble finding the NPP with the tokina 12-24. I find someone posted also for similar lens in size like the tokina 11-16mm and it is said i have to use a T adaptor.
    Does anyone have the exact setting for using 12-24mm @ 12mm.

    I'm considering getting the samyang 8mm lens if the tokina 12-24mm is a bit difficult to use with NN3 MKII. In case that happens can anyone help me with the settings for the samyang also?

    I really appreciate all the help and info. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Ricky and welcome to the forum.

    H for D7000 = 43 plus 13mm offset of reference of vertical rail of vertical rail = 55 LRS = lower rail setting
    L1 = 40mm + L2 : @12 60, @18 64, @24 59 = URS = Upper rail settings. @12mm = 100mm URS.

    Take this as starting point.Test your own equipment. Some lenses go turn back to shorter L2, so 59 might be right.

    Feel free to ask and success,
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      BTW: max URS with NN3 MKII is 116,5mm. That is ok for your lens.

      Check the set up of CP-2 that is needed to come closest to the end of rail.

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        Thank you for the help Heinz, will try the set up and test it as soon as i can.
        Thanks again.


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          that's the basic goal of the forum and NN and Fanotec to be different from most of other branches. Bill and Nick and NN users like to help newbies to get them on the road as soon as possible.

          This is what Nodal Ninja and Fanotec and the forum stands for: Best quality equipment, best service, and up to date info on the forums, with short cut to info by Bill and Nick themselves.

          Never experienced this in my business life.

          Success, feel free to ask, in case of trouble stitching the pano you may send your set of pics via for example to try to let us help you.

          Just take your time.
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