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NN3 - 5D with 17-40mm - massive frustration!

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  • NN3 - 5D with 17-40mm - massive frustration!

    Hi there,

    I've had my NN for about a year now and to be honest i've yet to produce a perfect 360 panoramic! I always end up with the faint remnants of the NN's arm showing in shot, multiple shadows emanating from the nodal point. They are a nightmare to remove. Either that or there is always one point that refuses to line up perfectly. I have been using a 40D and sigma 8mm 3.5, but the quality was poor so now I have a 5D and 17-40mm f4.

    And how do you get that tripod out of the shot?! At the moment i stitch the panoramic 360 jpeg in Stitcher Ulimited, or PTGUI, then I have to convert it to a cubic image, then import the 'base' image into photoshop - where I try to remove the tripod (or give up and put a 'tripod cap' photo over the mess!) then re-import the cubic images back into the software, then re-create the 360 Jpeg then generate an immersive .mov file or flash or Java file using 'Pure Tools'. A very long-winded process.

    Does anyone have any advice for me? (apart from to give up!). I am now starting to use the 5D with a 17-40mm lens and was wondering if anyone had any good info on using this set-up? Which indent ring to use when at 17mm and how many snaps to take and at what angles, for the best results?

    I have all the software available, PTGui seems to be the best although Stitcher unlimited and autopano are good for creating flat panoramics , but I still haven't found a software program that's good for panoramic 2D images and creating immersive photo's in all main flash and java. What do other people recommend for a work flow?

    A lot of questions, I know...but i'm really confused and frustrated with all this stuff! Thanks for anyone who's brave enough to try and help )

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    Re: NN3 - 5D with 17-40mm - massive frustration!

    The problem isn't the equipment but rather the way you have things setup and/or the software you are using.
    My primary concern would be to make sure you first set things up properly.
    If you could send us a photo of your setup with settings being used we be better able to assist.
    The 5D with 17-40 lens works perfect on NN3 - I used the same to produce this pano: Albiet far from perfect it was a bit chilly that morning and I didn't pay close attention to level. I used Realviz as well which I wasn't happy with.

    When doing full 360x180 spherical panos, this lens only allows for partial tilt up. To shoot the zenith (up shot) with this lens you will either need to move the camera/lens forward on the upper rail to allow for full rotation or simply shoot manually (as most do). You could also shoot two rows - one row with camera/lens tilted up to catch the zenith (top) and one row to catch the nadir (floor).
    Let us know how you go.


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      Re: NN3 - 5D with 17-40mm - massive frustration!

      man I'm hearing you i have the same headaches with the software but then again I'm just a plumber
      good luck working it out =]