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Hi, I'm new to NN3 and need some help please?

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  • Hi, I'm new to NN3 and need some help please?

    Hi, I've bought a Nodal Ninja 3 MK-II to take panoramic shots here in Ireland. I have a Nikon D5100 camera (along with a SB 700 flash) and a Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC wide angle lens. Can anyone tell me what the correct top and bottom rail settings are for my NN3 with this camera and lens? I am quite close bot no cigar! Would greatly appreciate any help

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    If you follow these two tutorials, you will be properly calibrated.

    Even if you start out with published numbers, you would still need to run through the claibration steps. I am using numbers on my pano head that do not match up with any published specification. A well executed panorama is the result of well defined steps, all starting with a properly calibrated rig.



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      Hello Rob,

      Don't worry too much about the numbers, set the camera so that the vertical axis or rotation passes through the center of the lens when viewed from the front and is 6mm back from the gold ring with your Sigma lens at the 10mm focal length. (Page 7).

      This should give you a good starting point, but should actually provide the right set up.

      Best regards, Hugh.


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        Thanks a million Dennis


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          Thank you very much Hugh.


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            to give you a starting point: LRS = Lower rail setting for D5100 on NN3 is 51mm without the use of the Nadir Adapter. This is what my D5100 does on NN3 MKII. URS = Upper rail settings are @ zoom 10 97mm, @zoom 14 99mm, @zoom 20 103mm

   Your L1 of D5100 is 35mm, + L2 from your lens. Which I did not test personally.

            So, as Hugh and Dennis already mentioned, you always have to test settings with your own equipment.

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              I finally figured out why the number for my R1 is 5mm off of published specs. I recieved one of the early production models a couple of years ago. The markings on the clamp were not in the center. The new clamps marks are in the center. My old clamp gave a reading of 24mm while the new clamp reads 19mm (.5 off of published specs). I only discovered this by going through the calibration steps. I kept adjusting the pano head until I was happy with the stich, then recorded the number. I could never get a good stitch using published numbers with my old clamp. Gotta test.