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nikon d300s + nikkor18-35?

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  • nikon d300s + nikkor18-35?


    I have only one question at this time :-)

    Can i use NN3 mk2 with my nikon d300s + nikkor 18-35mm lens?


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    D300s is quite heavy. nikkor 18-35mm is quite long at 18mm fl. I suggest you get the NN4 instead.

    3.258" extension from flange x 3.254" diameter (82.76 x 82.64mm) when set to 28mm.

    The 18-35mm gets slightly longer at the 35mm setting and grows to a maximum of 3.590" (91.17mm) when set to the 18mm setting.

    Focus is internal, so nothing moves as focussed.

    Nikon specifies 3.2" (81mm) around and 3.2" (81mm) long.
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      lens weight - 370g and camera body is - 840g
      so kits summary weight - 1210g, as i see it is lower than "Ideal working weight load - 1300g" for nn3...

      My concerns are more related to the size of the lens ... what is maximum lens size for nn3? maybe there are some extension accessories or...?

      p.s. nn3 already shipped to me, so there is no way to buy nn4 instead :)


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        OK, it is what it is.

        It most of all depends on the upper rail setting you need for your lens. URS = upper rail setting max setting for NN3 is 106,5 mm. For NN4 139mm, NN5 149mm. The kit-lenses like 18-105 or 18-200 need URS around 104mm. Then it depends on weight.

        Our friend DennisS has used his D300 with Sigma 8mm on NN3, similar weight to your lens on NN3. So it might work with your lens as well.

        I tested my D300 on NN3 with different lenses. It is at the border line for some combinations. So as Nick, I would have tended to NN4 which I have as well, just to let you know I know what I am talking about. Anyway. Test LRS = lower rail setting 55mm with Nadir Adapter or 61mm without. Different Nikkor 18mm -xx lenses start around 104mm URS. 17-55/f2.8 is around 123mm. So you can realize, it can change a lot.

        Let me know if you have problems and I'll try to find a work around. A "cheap" alternative to your lens would be a 8mm Samyang/f3.5 AE with the new Nikon microchip around 300.



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          i think ill wait till i get my nn3 kit before asking more questions :-)