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Using NN3 with Arca Swiss - Impact on rails

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  • Using NN3 with Arca Swiss - Impact on rails


    I currently use a NN3 for making panos, and a RC2 based head for any other tripod related picture. I'm trying to have both converge to a single mounting system, arca swiss.

    According to this thread:
    I need 13mm to account for the extra mounting space on the horizontal rail. With my Canon 50D, I estimate to 24mm and therefore think I'm ok on this one.

    I also want to confirm for the mounting rail (aka the one where we have the camera on). I take pano mainly with my 8mm Fish eye and my 10-22 zoom @ 10.
    The fisheye I need at about 91mm on that rail, and have enough space for another type of mount. But for the 10mm lens setting, it's completely back, at 107mm on the rail. Would getting the arca mount enable to go far enough back? If not, by how much?