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NN3 MKII / Canon 60D / Opteka 6.5mm Fisheye Limitation?

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  • NN3 MKII / Canon 60D / Opteka 6.5mm Fisheye Limitation?

    Hi all. I have my Canon 60D mounted to my new NN3 MKII with an Opteka Fisheye lens attached. Yesterday, I took the time to find the Nodal Point (its located at 9.2 on the upper rail).

    I can get most of the shots no problem except for straight up Zenith shot. The max I can rotate the rig upwards is 55 Degrees, as the back of the camera collides with the base rotator. I am guessing that this is more than enough coverage with my fisheye attached to capture the Zenith, but when my 18-200 lens attached it hits the base as well. Does this mean my 18-200 lens will not be able to get the full 360 pano?

    Thanks for the help.

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    OK... i found a solution that should work, its a bit of a hassle, but works with the fisheye attached. I set the upper rail to 9.2. Take all of my other shots. Reposition the camera to an upper rail setting like 4 or something temporarily, rotate it up, then reposition the upper rail while facing upwards back to 9.2 and it should work. Only thing is if I want to rotate the upper rail back, I need to loosen the camera and move it up again.

    So for the fisheye, its fine. I will try the 18-200 next (when I find its correct nodal position) and update my post.


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      So regarding the 18-200mm lens, it does not rotate straight up for the zenith shot (I figued as much). So I guess this means a full 360 pano is out of the question with the Canon 60D 18-200 and NN3 MKII. I am reserving the fisheye for 360 HDRI pano's anyways, but it would have been nice to have the extra resolution if I needed it.

      My settings for the 18-200 are as follows : Lower = 5.2 Upper = 10.45

      Regarding the Canon 50mm 1.8, I couldn't get the lens to move forward enough to eliminate the paralax on the upper rail and I am stuck with a max setting of 5.0. The grip ridges on the tightening knob prevent it from going forward more. The paralax contributes around a 4 or 5 pixel shift at this setting.


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        You could try replacing the standard camera mounting knob with the small camera mounting knob for the NN3.

        This small knob will allow you to slide the camera plate further without getting stopped by the camera mounting. You can also change the orientation of the top plate of the CP2.
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