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    My 1st post here and I am about to buy the NN3 in a few days. But before doing that, I just want to make sure that my current gears will be fully usable wiith NN3. My current gears are:

    Camera: Pentax K10d
    Lens: Pentax 50mm and Pentax 18-250mm
    Tripod head: Manfrotto 488RC2

    Are these gonna work with NN3 or do I have to buy some accessories. I have an upcoming vacation in 2 weeks and I'll be bringing the set with me.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: Setup Guide Help Pls

    the 50mm will work. not sure about the 18-250mm.
    you can follow John's instruction to estimate the NPP/ entrance pupil position.

    You can find the approximate position of the entrance pupil (which is commonly called the nodal point) simply by looking into the front of the lens with your two eyes. To see it, though, you will need to stop the lens down to f/22, say, with the depth of field button and point the eyepiece on the back of the camera towards a bright light like a window. This will illuminate the entrance pupil by light reflected through the reflex system, so you just see a bright spot. As you alter the zoom, the entrance pupil will be seen to move forwards and backwards. In some zoom lenses, the entrance pupil can move right back behind the sensor, making it difficult to position it on the rotation axis to avoid parallax.

    The NPP to tripod socket distance must be smaller than 107mm. with a T-adapter, it must be smaller than 137mm.

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