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NN3 +Nikon D300+10.5mm = NADIR problem

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    Q1. You can tilt the camera down quite a lot for taking the zenith and still cover the hole at the zenith left by the horizontal shots. You can check this by using the Panorama Editor window and dragging the zenith image down manually in the edit individual images mode, or you can go to the Image Parameters tab and set different pitch values for the zenith image until you see part of the hole appear.

    Q2. The panorama will not bend to the left if you stitch it properly. I found some of the automatically placed control points were not on matching features because there are some repeating elements where it is easy to pick the wrong features (e.g. on the blind slats). Bad points can skew the panorama and the solution is to remove/correct any badly placed points. (Use the control points table to find points with large distance values). But your panorama may simply not be levelled. This only takes less than a minute to do. See the tutorial (including video) to which I have already referred you, i.e. You will find the vertical line points I used in the project file I uploaded. Again, you can find those points via the control points table in advanced mode.



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      Originally posted by arvinkg View Post
      ok just 2 questions:

      1. @ hansnyberg: if I shoot zenit at +65, I think I will have missing part from +65 to +90 degree...right? How to stitch zenit with empty part (1 zenit picure)

      2. does anyone know why the panorama is bended to the left? Any chance of corecting it now or will have to take shots again


      ps. @john: this is very good.. can you please tell me how you corrected the bending? thanks

      1. No, this is how many of us shoot zenith with a fullframe fisheye. At +65 you have all zenith covered. Actually you have it at 60 but I prefer 65 to exclude the corners.
      Think a little about it and you understand, or just use the editor in PTGui to set any image at +65

      2. You have got the answer 2 times now . USE VERTICAL CONTROLPOINTS.
      The major reason that your stitch was so much "bended" was that you bad nadir is confusing all the other settings if you are trying to stitch it together with the other images.
      Try stitch you pano without it and you will se that it works much better and even without vertical controlpoints you get a better pano.




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        ok, I understand. since I am trying to use ptgui pro for the first time, can you tell me does it have option to first stitch all horizontals and zenith and after I am sure they are stitched good, then to add a nadir?


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          Having problems with stitching you always should add Zenith and Nadir later one by one. This is the best way to check the problems. Load images, all of them or without Zenith and Nadir. Having loaded step to source images in the advanced tab, at the bottom you can always add or delete pictures or change in follow up order.

          try the video tutorials :

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