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EZ Leveller 2 with R-D3L

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  • EZ Leveller 2 with R-D3L


    Back with another question. (I received my nadir adapter from the other thread and will put it to use soon).

    I have also been wondering about purchasing an EZ Leveler 2 with the R-D3L rotator (currently using the NN3 mk2 with default rotator).

    Currently, I mount the NN3 on top of a regular ball head, with quick release plate. I use the ball head to level to pano head. It's a bit awkward at times. I've been thinking of replacing that with the EZ Leveler. I'm sure it would be easier to level and more precise, but I'm also wondering if it would also help reduce the "nadir footprint", first of all by not having the knobs from the ball head on photos.

    My tripod and ball head are very compact, though so I'm not totally sure the EZ Leveler would be an improvement in terms of size or would actually end up having a wider footprint. Also, the ball head does help raise the camera a bit higher, as my tripod is relatively short (low weight and bulk are a must for me and I never hesitate bringing this tripod along with me, and that fits great with my m4/3 setup).

    It would probably also be more practical to get the leveler with the integrated rotator rather than keep the NN3's standard rotator.

    What are your experiences replacing a compact ball head with an EZ Leveler and rotator?