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NN3 mk2 with nadir adapter

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    Do you mean the plastic stop on the lower rail to remember lower rail setting position? You can remove the plastic stop on the rail, you only need it if you change LRS positions several times or take off the vertical rail. You can fix the Nadir adapter without this stop in front to rotator side.

    Did I understand you right?

    Using RD3-L you have to strip the lower rail: take off upper and lower part of standard rotator and tke off detend ring and the yellow center screw. Then fix the black plate of the mounting set with the outstanding pins to the anti twist holes on top of the new rotator. Use the screw coming with the set 3/8"-6mm to fix the lower rail from top, then add the logo screw to top of screw. This indeed has a smaller diameter than the original standard rotator.

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      Yes, the plastic stop for the lower rail position. I need the stop to be able to take the upper rail on or off quickly, and I don't want to have to eyeball the position setting each time. I always take off the vertical rail to transport the pano head inside my bag.


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        This is what you need to fix the RD3-L to lower rail:

        Is there room enough to set the stop plate to the side opposite of the rotator below the nadir adapter? I can check it tonight or tomorrow. What is your LRS?


        BTW just checked the thread: 4,85. So you would end up with 4,25. This should leave you enough room for the plate on rail setting near 9,0.

        Check the manual to see that the end of the Nadir Adapter is higher and leaves free space below it.

        Stop plate is set to 50. When the reference point of the adapter moves forwards for around 8mm, the end of the outstanding part of the adapter which touches the inside of the lower rail should sit near 82. The rest of the rail should be free to place the stop plate to this end of the lower rail. Otherwise you should shorten it a little bit.
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          Good thinking Heinz, I totally forgot that there was space under the adapter. It should fit there. I was trying to make the change while keeping the stop setting intact. Too bad I don't have a third stop :)


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            This thread contains great information on how to use the Nadir adapter.



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              You can buy an extra one:


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                Thanks for the links. I've looked up all the information I could on that. Just haven't had the time to do much lately.