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NN3 MkII + D300 + 28-105

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  • NN3 MkII + D300 + 28-105

    Hi people,

    I just purchased a NN3 MkII without any accesorie, only NN3, disc stops an CP-2, just to start. Ok, this weekend I tried to find a "Nodal Point" of my lens, Samyang 8mm, Tokina 12-24 and a Nikkor 28-105 macro. The method, laser beam.

    The Tokina and Samyang results are very good, only 3mm difference with unofficial tables. But the Nikkor 28-105 I have a problem, with laser method the nodal point a 70mm or 105mm are rear the lens, about 4cm rear. Not good, I try alternative method, near object - far object and relative movement. Always the relative movement is inexistent.

    Someone has this combination and configuration for NN3 MkII?

    I attach NN3 to a 804RC2 head and all to a Manfrotto 055B pro. Can I have a problem with this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Fernando Olmeda

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    Hi Fernando and welcome to the forum.

    I checked a lot of databases, but the nikkor 28-105 is not a very favorite lens for panoramaphotographie.

    There are some lenses like 70-200mm, where you find the "NPP" even behind the sensor of the camera. So in case of your lens the NPP would be close to the sensor. Distance lens flange to sensor on nikon cameras is 46.5.

    You have to try yourself: for lower rail setting LRS for upper rail setting URS

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      Originally posted by kobayeshi View Post
      I attach NN3 to a 804RC2 head and all to a Manfrotto 055B pro. Can I have a problem with this?
      What lies beneath the NN3 is completely irrelevant - apart from sticky out bits like arms and knobs that may be visible in the nadir area. You may need to be creative in how you mount the camera on the NN3 to get the entrance pupil (not the nodal point) at the rotation axis. You might swing the upper rail so that it points forwards, and/or add a T-piece between camera and rail, or use a ring mount on the lens barrel. OTOH, if your subject is relatively far away (as it often is when using a long focal length), parallax is less of a problem and the camera positioning is much less critical.



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        Bad news, this Nikkor is my favourite for take photos. The only solution I have is search another lens to take panoramas at 70 or more, just to limit of NN3 and D300. I need to take a panorama of a church with a zoom detail. 24mm is not valid. I need from 70 to 150mm.

        Thank you for your help
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          I just checked the NN3 with my D300s body. When you are right that the NPP is 40mm behind your lens, you have to bring the body to the middle of the upper rotator, which means this would be just behind the strap connection of the camera body in front of the sensor plane sign. So this would mean you have to get a T-Adapter to bring the camera to this point. Check the measurements you need yourself.

          I had the same problem with 18-200mm/VRII. I could use it up to zoom 70 in a normal way. Everything beyond gave the same problems. May be you can solve the problem with the T-Adapter. Be careful to check the LRS with the T-adpater, this will add offset to the LRS and you can go to a max of 70mm.

          16-85 will work at zoom 70 and 85, 18-105VR kit lens will work up to zoom 105. The only real solution would be a 70-200/f2.8VRII with NN5.

          In case the T-Adapter does not work, you could try a longer arca style camera plate in lens axis and use the NN arca style clamp - the only one which will work -. This will add 11mm to CP-2 on LRS.

          Sorry to say, but seams to be that there are no easy solutions.

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