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    I'm going to be getting a new ballhead with an Arca-style quick release system. I will continue to use my well-worn NN3, but want to avoid having to take the QR plate off the camera each time. I understand that the QR clamp for the NN3 is not Arca compatible, while the Acra clamp available for the NN5 is not recommended for the NN3. But I also understand that the only reason for this is that the depth of the clamp decreases the amount of available horizontal adjustment on the NN3 bottom rail. Since this adjustment does not vary when the same camera is used, if I could confirm that the horizontal adjustment is still in range for my camera (even allowing for the clamp) there any OTHER reason why the Arca clamp would not be advised for the NN3? (For instance, does it fit properly into the top rail of the NN3?)



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    Hi Dave, and welcome to the forum.

    To cut things short, the camera plate has to be arca style. Then you can use the NN arca style clamp on NN3. Concerning LRS, your camera plus Arca swiss style system should fit to the depth of the lower rail of NN3, which means is there enough space to reach the lower rail setting you need for your camera.

    Normal lower rail settings use the Cp-2 camera plate. I checked the difference to the NN Arca style System, which means Clamp and Plate to CP-2 Camera Plate. You need to use the Arca style NN Clamp to fix it to the upper rail. With every branch arca style camera plate. NN arca style system, clamp and plate, will add 11 mm to the normal setting with CP-2. If your camera plate is thicker, you have to change LRS. We do not know what camera body you are using.

    Conclusion, the best thing in advance to get quick help would be to give infos about camera lens combination and panohead infos.

    Solution: you need an arca style camera plate for your new ballhead, being compatible to the NN System.Best solution to get an NN Arca Style System, plate and clamp, or use your camera plate with the NN arca style clamp fitted to NN3. You can use the NN clamp on NN3 if it is room enough to expand LRS for your camera body.

    The only question about using it on NN3, is the distance of the lower rail to take the LRS which is needed for the body of your camera + quick release systems space on the lower rail.

    Tip, it is always a great help to us to inform about camera, lens and NN equipment you like to use. Helps us to set more precise answers.

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      Thanks, Heinz. I don't need a more precise answer than you gave. If the only issue is the adjustment distance on the lower rail, I can easily convert that from my current known settings once I know the dimensions of the parts I'll be using, and can fine-tune that once I have the exact parts in hand. I don't use the "published" settings anyway, since I do all my own calibration. I'm currently using 51 mm with the T-30 and my current body, so I've got a bit of leeway for the thickness of the clamp and plate; 11 mm or so shouldn't give a problem. Though that might be different if I get a bigger body in the future.

      I just wanted to be sure that there were no other issues with using the Arca clamp on the NN3, especially with respect to attaching it to the top rail. Sounds like there aren't, so I should be able to proceed with my plans. Thanks, again.

      Incidentally, I'm not entirely new to the forums. I hadn't posted since the new forum came online, and it looks like it reset me when I reregistered.



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        Dave, you can go up to 70 on the lower rail, though there shouldn't be a problem. with another body may be you do not need the T-30.

        Yes, when you reregister, you should get the old number of posts.



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          Yes, 70 mm should cover me unless/until I get a camera with a much deeper base below the lens mount. Unfortunately, I'm using the T30 both to space a couple of my lenses away from the top rail (or else they would bump up against it), and because of couple of lenses need the extra top rail length. The extra depth of the Arca clamp and plate will negate the first problem, but I don't know about the second. Here's a question that just occurred to me: can the Arca clamp be oriented so that the channel runs parallel to the top rail? If so, I could use a long, universal camera plate and turn it 90 degrees (parallel to the lens axis) to allow the camera to be slid back further in the clamp. That would allow for lenses with top rail setting longer than the NN3 top rail. A little fidgety, but it might work.

          The new modular system, when it become available, will be a tempting alternative to all of this. Integration with the Arca mount system will be a big plus.

          Thanks, again,