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My NN3 is in the frame / shot...

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  • My NN3 is in the frame / shot...

    Has this happened to you?

    I just got the NN3 and I am using a Nikon D300 with 10.5mm Fisheye.

    I will be shooting 360 panos for EveryScape and they recommend to shoot at 10 degrees down.
    But when it's set to anything below neutral the NN frame comes into view in the bottom right hand corner of the viewfinder and since the viewfinder is not 100% I am confident it will really show...

    So I am waiting to hear back from the company about what to do, so if you have any ideas please let me know so I can bring them u to EveryScape.

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    This is normal. The stitcher (eg PTGUI) will take care of that. If it appears in the final pano, mask the NN and tripod in photoshop before stitching.

    We listen. We try harder.


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      just setting up a comparison for fisheye lenses. Actually I have shot D300s 10.5 yesterday at different angles with Zenith and Nadir shots. I will set it up for you this evening and you can see different gaps in Z and N. Do you have a nadir adaptor for the NN3? Will help you a lot. I use PTGui, If you do not use it as well, might be good to download a trial version to follow the workflow. You can mask within PTGui and set up the nadir shots to get the tripod out of the way.



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        Rich, In case you are not familiar with alpha channel masks, there's a tutorial at Masks can also be created in the beta version of PTGui V9, but this does not yet work 100% reliably. The latest PTGui V8 is very reliable but does not have the built-in mask feature, so masks have to be added in Photoshop when needed.



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          Wow, you guys are talking another language... No really, there is so much I don't know about pano and sticthing.
          To tell you the truth I have only stitched together 2 panos and have not spent any real time working with it.
          I did download the free version of PTGui but actually used Elements 6 which seems to work fine.
          I plan to purchase a full version of PTGui soon and will start to learn more about this whole process.

          Right now I will start working for EveryScape 360 tours for business and resturant panos. They are a great company and provide a great product.
          The best part is all I need to do is shoot and upload the images, absolutely no post processing / stitching.

          So I will start looking at Gigapan and checking out this forum more. Unfortunately, I am a very busy photographer right now and mainly shoot people and sports with real estate and architecture my main paying gigs.
          So there is not much time to start learning a new thing like pano photography.

          I would like to do a big shout out for Dennis in Petaluma CA who sold me my NN3
          He has gone out of his way to help me get going and help me to understand pano photography better.
          Between him and Nodal Ninja, well they are just a great company.


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            I use both a D60 and a D300 with the Nikon 10.5mm fisheye and an NN3 and process through PTGui and can confirm that the intrusion of the NN3 in the corner of the image does not cause me a problem.