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  • Adjust the EZ leveller

    Hello People,

    I'am still trying to put my stitch problems away so i get the EZ leveller.

    I put the airbuble in the middle of the circle when i take 8 shot in the firtst row ( 3 rows 8 shots )
    the buble moves an little bit ( see picture ) is this normal ?????
    1st photo starts left.

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    This is perfectly normal. But why do you believe that the leveler would help you with your stitching problems.
    Leveling has nothing to do with that as long as you do not readjust during the shoot. You can take a panorama leaning the tripod at any level and the stitch will stitch perfect.
    Leveling is easy done in the stitcher. The only time you need to level perfect is when you want to do automatic batch stitching with a template as there is no way to automatically level a panorama which was not taken in level.
    You may also need it for landscapes where you can not see the horizont and do not have any vertical lines anywhere in the pano.

    Follow John's advice and learn how to optimize correct.

    I can see you still shoot to many images. At 12mm you only need 8 + 4 +4. With 8 at the upper and lower row you get to many images connected and 1 single bad controlpoint will easy give you an error like the one you had in your first example.
    Even better is to shoot only 2 rows of 8 at -30 and +45 maybe 47.
    This means that you avoid the rotator in the panorama and as the rotator can attract automatic controlpoints it is one of the problems that can give you bad stitches which you need extra time to correct.

    Another option is 6 at -30, 6 at +20 and 1 zenith at +90

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      So if i am corecctly ( my english going big steps forward here )

      I can do my 360x180 in 16 shots.


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        Yes , even in 13 + nadir if you really want to get down to as little as possible. But only with a 1,5 APS
        To do it with best coverage you need to start the upper rows of 6 at 30 degrees so you need to use a 12 stops clickstop rotator and just shoot every second clickstop.
        A little unpractical and you easy forget to do it.

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          thnx a lot, i gonna try that after a am back from my holiday, i post again when
          It works or not


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            just send me an IM when you are back. We'll meet and I am sure we solve your "problem". I am near the city centre. You may play around with my equipment as well, try the differences between fisheye and kit lenses, FX and DX sensors. Bring your data and we'll stitch it together.




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              Finaly i found it.......

              1/3 of the rotator in the ''seeker'' 8 shots,than on 0 8 shots, than on 47 8 shots.

              If i put the rotator completly in vision, than it gives an lot of stich faults and when i do it with 1/3 of the rotator it wil works.

              Also i try the 13 shots, but that give an lot of problems in PTgui.

              8 shots 3 rows works the best.

              Thank you people


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                Looks good.

                You got it.



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                  Totaly big update.........

                  I do it now in 17 shots one zenith, 8 shots at +30, 8 shots at - 22,5

                  what i did wrong the whole time was, that on one reason PTgui makes an fault at my exif information.

                  Hey see an fullframe and an totaly wrong focal length.

                  So i do the adjestments by hand 12mm ( tokina 12-24mm ) and my crop factor from my cam is 1,5.

                  than i get an perfect stitched picture.......

                  Thank you people for every thing.....

                  Without you i can't do it.

                  added me on flickr.....

                  John Toet


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                    nice to know you got it.

                    You always have to have a look to EXIF. Have a look to >Preferences, >Exif. You have to reset this to your needs to avoid an automatic full frame / circular lens <16mm. May be you have to unlock Exif in the program. When the preview looks rare, often it is because of wrong exif.

                    Als je mij wilt bellen, doe het voor het best naar 18.00. Anders mag ik het wel niet hooren.