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canon 7d and canon 17-40 on NN3 mkII

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  • canon 7d and canon 17-40 on NN3 mkII

    Hope this combo isn't too big for NN3, please advise.
    Also, settings for this combo at 17mm? I have gone thru the tutorials but wonder why a simple database isn't available to help achieve better results quicker...

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    Re: canon 7d and canon 17-40 on NN3 mkII

    it is easier to find the NPP than you think of. It you can't accomplish it, you wull find the remaining parts of pano making even more challenging.

    YOu will need a T-adapter to extend the lens to NPP. You can also start from settings for EOS 20/30/40/50D.

    We listen. We try harder.


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      Re: canon 7d and canon 17-40 on NN3 mkII

      First of all, you are welcome.

      When you have gone through the database + the forum comments, you might have realized, that a lot of people ask for settings, get a lot of hints, but do not deliver their own results.

      What does it mean to set up a "simple database" ? You have to buy the camera body, the lens, NN Products. And then you take your knowledge to test and get the results. In your spare time, might be you have a nice meal, a meeting with a nice lady, or watching a baseball match instead? Would you personally miss this instead of working out the "simple database"? If you pay for the costs, I will send you the sets immediately. This will be a pleasure for me.

      Following up the market you will see a lot of changes, new camera bodies, lenses. We do not get information about which new model uses the same body with the same sensor and tripod mount positions in the body. Asking the support for NPP you will get the answer this is secret. Believe me, I tried this several times.

      At least: what do you expect, a simple database? You can get this: Nick and Bill by all new equipments, test it and set this to a "simple database". And then you might order a "Plug and Play Version". How many dollars on top? Just imagine the cost of your own equipment. This might be delivered in a set when hundreds of thousands people buy an NN product. The community of people doing Panoramas is quite small compared to business in other branches.

      And believe me, Nodal Ninja and Fanotec is the first company I personally know with a very quick response, trying to help with specified solutions for your problem and with quick response from the "guys' themselves.

      Can you get a personal answer from the big boss of Toyota about people who died using their product because of faults?
      Or any other simple question without paying for a hotline waiting an hour for response?

      Sorry to say, I personally feel "fucked up" with this Plug and Play mentality.
      Do not take this comment personally, I just feel it is time to set a comment for many people asking for a "simple database".

      I myself like to buy, place, and on I go. Understanding this I took my private time to set up a "simple database". To get people to "Plug and Play" without searching for NPP's. But you have to test the settings for your own combination anyway. You will soon see the result when I have set up a website. But to get proofed results will take time. Plus, you have to recheck the result for your own combination anyway. Cause of all the possible differences in senor position, lens differences etc.

      Be sure there are a lot of people why will try to help you. But you have to set up an "account" to help the nodal ninja family: main vink you have to place: to the questions: "Yes, I will send my personal settings.".

      Go to this link,, measure "H" and "L1", send he measurements to the forum and be happy with your new product.

      Feel free to ask any other question in the future.

      Cheers and success,



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        Re: canon 7d and canon 17-40 on NN3 mkII

        I tend to agree with your comments Heinz.
        You always have good information and I found the URL you provided interesting, but had to smile when I got down to the Sigma 8mm F4.0 EX, because this really sums up why there can be no "Simple Database".

        I have been involved with camera calibrations for too many decades and the Nodal Point (entrance pupil, apparent pupil, centre of perspective, etc.) of a lens is of particular interest when using cameras for measurement (photogrammetry), but I can only measure the Nodal Point for lenses that I can lay my hands on when I have them and the time to spare.
        If I worked in a camera shop which had no customers perhaps I could measure more, but this is not the case.

        The problem with a "Simple Database" for the Nodal Point is that different lenses behave differently.
        Some lenses, such as the Sigma 10-20mm, have a single Nodal Point for a set focal length which does not change with focusing, but others, especially fisheye lenses, do not, so where do you start?
        If the Sigma 10-20mm is at the 20mm end the Nodal Point coincides with the gold ring, but at the 10mm end is 6mm back from the gold ring, so is it 3mm back from the gold ring at the 15mm setting?
        I don't know, iI have not measured it, and there is no guarantee that relationship is linear.

        I have put the results for some lenses, which illustrates the problem, on my site:

        I hope this gives an insight into the complexity of the subject.

        Best regards, Hugh.


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          Re: canon 7d and canon 17-40 on NN3 mkII


          I appreciate your comment.

          I have read your articles, plus right now, I can imagine the time you spent in doing all this work. And I am happy and it helped me a lot personally, to meet people on this forum to share their enthusiasm on panorama photography and trying to help people like you.

          So let's go on, trying to help newbies to get on the flow...and thank you Hugh, to try to explain what it means "to set up something like a simple database".

          Why do I spend my spare time in setting up information? My job has nothing to do with theme. So as you explained no "profit".

          Photography, and Panoramas for me personally has to do something with culture, education, "picking the moment and setting up a very special moment of whats going on around in the world". Watching and documenting a very special moment is nothing I can repeat with a "Lara Croft" game. Can you set it up with "Plug and Play"?" No. Without any basic knowledge about photography? No.

          I personally adore guys like you, to spend to their private time to help "colleagues" to get on the flight, cause it takes a lot of time to learn about basics to be prepared to take good panos. But it is worth every second of a moment.




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            Re: canon 7d and canon 17-40 on NN3 mkII

            Thank you for your comments Heinz.

            When I started out on Spherical Panos I found very little information on the Internet, so am happy to help encourage people to experiment with this fascinating subject and provide help to get them started, but I agree with your views and find that a lot of the fun is trying things out and the learning process in getting to the answer you want rather than an instant setup.

            There is a lot to this subject and I am finding this forum a great way to learn from people like yourself, Wim and John, and of course Bill and Nick.

            Best regards / Mit freundlichen Gr?šssen, Hugh.