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Help with Arca style QR clamp

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  • Help with Arca style QR clamp

    Hi Folks:

    I've had my NN3 for about a year and I'm very pleased with it. The workmanship is first rate.

    Recently, I purchased an Arca style QR clamp and have a question about the setup.

    If I install it so that the camera plate is inserted horizontally, the camera body blocks the lever so the clamp cannot be closed.... see image 1... (I hope the link works)

    If I install it so that the camera plate is inserted vertically, then the lever clears the camera body allowing the clamp to be closed. However, the clamp must be moved to the end
    of the horizontal rail, so that the lever clears the rail. The clamp and camera must then be moved to the appropriate position on the rail. To remove the camera, the above process
    must be performed in reverse. See image 2

    Is this the correct use? This does work, but it's a bit fiddly. I keep wondering if I'm missing something really basic in the setup?

    One possible solution would be to provide a small knurled knob instead of the lever. This would allow the clamp to remain in place when installing or removing the camera.

    Any comments greatly appreciated.
    many thanks

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    Re: Help with Arca style QR clamp

    Hi Santo,

    You have to place the clamp as shown in picture 1.

    To get the lever out of its way, there is a spring inside. Pull the lever outside, turn it around a little bit to fix it to a new inside position on the hex of the screw inside and release it to the new position.

    Checked the forum for an old question about this, but i can not find it. This is what i remember. Do not fix too hard, otherwise you might brake the screw.

    Cheers, hope this helps,

    a happy new year to you and all the rest of the nodal ninians,



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      Re: Help with Arca style QR clamp

      Thanks Heinz:

      I knew I was missing something basic; I didn't realize that the lever could be pulled out and ratcheted.
      This does work and I can now leave the AS plates on my camera, and leave the clamp in place at the proper setting ..... although, it does take some of the "quick" out of quick release.

      Happy new year to all.