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NN3 MKI with RD8?

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  • NN3 MKI with RD8?

    I just received the RD8 rotator I purchased for my NN3 MKI. I chose the NN3 adaptor kit with it.

    It came with a big bolt to bolt the lower NN3 arm to the rotator, some o-rings, and some small ~3mm bolts that look like they fit into the anti-twist sockets on the RD8.

    My lower arm of the NN3 MKI has anti-twist pins press fitted into the arm, I removed those thinking the bolts in the adaptor kit would screw into the lower NN3 rail, then those bolts would sit down in the RD8's anti-twist sockets.

    Problem is the anti-twist pin holes on the NN3 lower arm don't line up with the holes on the RD8.

    Even looking at the newer NN3 MKII lower arm, I don't see how the anti-twist pin holes on that arm would ever line up with the anti-twist sockets on the RD8.

    there are no instructions with the "adaptor kit", and I can't find any on the website.

    Can someone tell me how this thing goes together?



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    Re: NN3 MKI with RD8?

    To use the RD8, first remove the brass detent ring and the center brass collar.
    In the NN3 rotator kit, there is a plastic plate for anti-twisting. The plate has 2 protrusion which is to fit the hole on the rotator. The bottom of lower rail match the shape of the plate.
    To install the rotator on NN3/ NN3II,
    1. place the plastic plate on the rotator with protrusion sitting in 2 anti-twisting holes on the rotator.
    2. place the NN3 lower rail on the plastic plate (with brass ring and center collar removed)
    3. install the big bolt and tighten it fully with a hex key.

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      Re: NN3 MKI with RD8?

      In the NN3 rotator kit, there is a plastic plate for anti-twisting.

      I think we now understand the problem. There is not plastic plate in my NN3 rotator kit, in fact, I think it is a NN5 rotator kit by mistake.

      the invoice and order clearly show NN3 adaptor kit, but my kit has no plate, just one big bolt to go in the center of the rotator, and 2 small ~3mm bolts for the anti-twist sockets, and some o-rings, and a cap that threads on the big bolt. The cap says NN5 on it, so I think I was sent the wrong adaptor kit, I'll shoot Bill an email about it.

      Also, are there any instructions on the website that show the parts/steps you mentioned, if there was, I could not find it, and if there was, I could have seen I had the wrong kit.