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  • Basic Newbie Intro??

    Hi All

    I discovered I like shooting panos and want to get a Nodal Ninja. There are some handhelds at

    I'm going to be using a Nikon D90 and Tamron 28-75mm lens initially and I've more or less managed to figure out that I need an NN3 with an EZ leveller but I'm damned if I can work out which one. What I want is to be able to do buildings, interiors, and a bit of scenery, where one portrait format row is not enough, but I'm not wanting to do spheres.

    Is there an introductory text anywhere which explains what the implications of the different detents are, and how they relate to degrees and the coverage one can get. I found tables which should tell me all I need to know, but I basically need help in decoding them.

    Sorry if the question is stupid.
    Thanks, Allan.