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NN3 + Sigma 10-20 F4/5.6 EX with Nikon D70

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  • NN3 + Sigma 10-20 F4/5.6 EX with Nikon D70


    i am a bit confused if the NN3's arm is long enough to hold a Sigma 10-20mm F4/5.6 EX on a Nikon D70? On flickr i've seen a photo of someones setup with on of these lenses and he needs to use an adaptor in order to match the lenses length.

    On the other hand there is an entry in the settings table for this combination. Could anyone confirm that it will work before i order a NN3?

    Thank you,


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    Re: NN3 + Sigma 10-20 F4/5.6 EX with Nikon D70

    Hi Andre,
    The link below shows a much older NN.
    The NN3 MKII will work fine for single row and multi-row pans with this lens.
    However if doing full 360x180 panos, this lens only allows for partial tilt up. To shoot the zenith (up shot) with this lens you will either need to move the camera/lens forward on the upper rail to allow for full rotation or simply shoot manually (as most do). You could also shoot two rows - one row to catch the zenith (top) and one row to catch the nadir (floor). Sometimes only a single shot is needed to catch the nadir. For many this is not a big deal but thought I would share this before your purchase.
    NN5L does not have this limitation.
    Thank you


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      Re: NN3 + Sigma 10-20 F4/5.6 EX with Nikon D70

      I guess i have to take a photo of the nadir by hand anyway so there should be no problem doing this for the zenith too. So i am going to happily order a NN3 from your german reseller tomorrow.
      Thank you very much for your quick reply Bill :-)