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Newbie Here! Nikon D60+ nikon 10.5mm

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  • Newbie Here! Nikon D60+ nikon 10.5mm

    I just got a Nodal Ninja 3 MKII w/Rotator R-D8 and I was checking on the Camera Settings for Nikon. They do not have a setting on a D60, but they have the settings for a D40. Will it be the same on a D40 & D60?

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    Re: Newbie Here! Nikon D60+ nikon 10.5mm


    i suppose you can use the D40 settings cause Nikon told me that D40, D40x, D60 and D5000 use the same basic bodies. I tested the D5000 but till now could not check the others. To be sure test the NNP's.

    You should use 60? with 6 stops around, 1 shot +/- 90? for zenith and nadir. When you have now reference points with your zenith shot cause of a cloudless blue sky, take 2 shots at 60?. For the nadir you can place a coin below your tripod, move backwards, focus the coin in the center with -60? and take a shot to use it later in photoshop etc.

    For the best use f8 or f11, cause most of the lenses do their best with these apertures. If shutter speed is too slow, raise ISO. I am only experienced with D70s D200 D300 with ISO, cause of the noise i would not raise above ISO 800, besides my D3, but this is another planet concerning the ISO: 1600 is no problem.

    Get an ML-L3 shutter release for your camera, which you need especially for night shots, cause otherwise your camera will move and you have photos which are not sharp.

    Set the focus to manual and set the lens to hyperfocal distance f8.0 is ca 80cm, f11 60cm, f2.8 2.35m.

    On stage fix white balance, aperture, shutter speed and hyperfocal distance. So mode has to be M.

    To choose your shutter speed, set the cam to A mode, move the cam around and watch the shutter speed in all positions. Take a compromise between 250sec and 60 in high and low light areas. Set the cam to M mode and set your selected shutter speed. Begin with normal ISO, if it is very dark, raise ISO.

    So far the camera settings for "dummies".

    Let's turn over to crowded places. Your looking for highschool level in the beginning. -) Same as high dynamic range locations = great difference between light and dark areas.

    Lot of movement asks the quickest shutter speed as possible, to avoid people, cars or clouds moving in you panorama as ghosts. First watch your place you are shooting in what is happening. People moving, trams, cars, cars at stop lights. Analyze your sight. Is there a favour direction everything or most people move to. To avoid to take 6 pictures of the same person, by follwing up the moving direction, shoot against the main moving direction. By this way you will get to know more people on each picture than following up. Try to wait to take the next shot when a bicycle is crossing till it left, do not take half trams, take a full one in one picture to replace a half one in photoshop and take away the ghosts.

    So, this is a quit shot before i have to leave for my work, might be there will be comments of guys who are retired and have a lot of time to comment, hope this helps you a bit. If there are questions after your trip you might contact me via IM.