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Fanotec Poles and Giottos tripods

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  • Fanotec Poles and Giottos tripods

    Hi all, this is a very important finding I anticipated of and now I can give a positive confirmation.

    The Fanotec upper segments of the poles both series 1 and 2 are perfect match with Giottos MT 9370 professional tripods and alikes, them are available as carbon if you preffer to remain in that league.
    From Fanotec Series 2 are the upper 2 segments used for this and at Series 1 the upper 3 segments are used.
    They simply replace the central collumn of the tripod.

    This transforms the tripod into a giant tripod up to 3.70 m height and, a very important aspect, the Fanotec tubes are closed into a strong collar, rock solid, and another aspect it is operable and extendable at full height even by not so tall (read short) people.

    By its construction this tripod allows fluid rotation of the colar, so you not need the rotator in top, only R1/10 ring or needed NN parts to have the lens in correct position, and as you can very easy reproduce the height in case of the tripod it makes also suitable for multirow high resolution panos from up to 3.70 m height.

    Even the avanced rotators can be used if you complete back the pole with the lower segments, still keeping the tripod on the upper ones (- Hey! Dorin! you need to provide photos about this. - Ok! I'll provide in another post)

    As a bonus, the tripods collar allows the horisontal use of the poles, but here I would like Nick's recomendations and cautions about this.

    As I said is a perfect match even from design POV except the lock-release direction which appear inverted (but as a matter of fact is not if you consider the legs like poles oriented downward)


    - to be continued -
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