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Suggestion for improoving the rotator footplate

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  • Suggestion for improoving the rotator footplate

    Hi Nick, I just received the rotator footplate, I'm used with its functionality (pro and cons), having used one of my own while ago (a footplate from a monopod attached to a QP).
    I would like if the rotator footplate allows 90 tilt along with the already 30, maybe allowed and/or secured with a pin (also great if the pin can secure both 0 and 90 of tilt)
    That will make it useful as support for a belt pano head too (especially with series 1 pole and other monopods)
    but also oppening the way to be mounted on bicycle, sport cars so on due to the new L shape, an extra "floating" hole in the plate might be needed as well, in the place where the metalic spikes are.

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