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Best economical tripods

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    I'm somewhat of a camera support gear freak, I have a rather wide range of Manfrotto tripods (the brand I prefer). I have a 475B w/ a Manfotto 400 geared head on it that provides a rock solid platform for my pano setup. I also have a two 055's, one in carbon fiber and one aluminum that I will use for my pano rig when lightness is important. On the 055 I use a Manfrotto hydrostaic ball head which supports the pano rig without any problems. I also have the Neotech tripod which is fabulous for quick setup and takedown, but I feel that my pano setup with a Nikon D80 and 12-24mm lens would be a bit heavy for the Neotech to support without movement.

    Note the Studioball with Wimberly arm to the left


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      I have two Manfrotto tripods, one sturdy, one lightweight.

      When I take panos, there's too much of the sturdy tripod's legs and handles showing on the shot and with the lightweight tripod, I need to bring the legs in quite close together to stop showing the tripod on the picture.

      I'm using a Nikon D700 with a Sigma 8mm lens and the Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator.

      If anyone is using the same gear, I would be very grateful for a recommendation for a suitable tripod, preferably not too heavy and not too expensive (given that I've got a couple already).


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        Manfrotto tripods seems to be the most used ones.