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Rotating camera when out of reach electronic head rotation

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  • Rotating camera when out of reach electronic head rotation

    Hello all. I use my Nikon d810/850 with Nikon 16mm lens with nodal ninja rotator to make panoramics. Id like to put this set up on my small camera crane to make a 360 panoramic even though the rotator will be out of my reach. (I dont need the up or down exposure; just rotation.) Ive been looking for motorized pan heads with remote control, but most are developed for time lapse so they take 5-minutes or more to make a 60-degree rotation. Ive found one on amazon that might do what I need simply rotate the camera while I use camranger or similar to make exposures.

    But the descriptions are hard to understand so Im not sure this will do what I want.

    anyone found equipment to achieve this? Or even other tricks for making a nodal ninja rotator turn when it is out of your arm reach? I have used a stick or other means to turn the rotator when its on a solid tripod that is set over my head, but on a camera crane using a stick could move the camera and thus subsequent photos would not be at a consistent nodal point.


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