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Few questions related to NN Ultimate R20

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  • Few questions related to NN Ultimate R20


    Few days ago I've got my R20 ordered from here:

    After some testing I must confirm that for my purposes it works better than my previously used NN5 with RD16.
    It's lighter, uses less space, it's more precise and faster to use, as intended.

    However I noticed two issues:

    1. I use this with Nikon D5300 and Sigma 8mm circular fish. R20 is supposed to work well with this combo.
    After some testing and moving gear around IMHO 90 deg stops are somewhat too loose to move from.
    Even slight push rotates camera out from locked position.
    If I tighten blue knob, than I get not pleasant grind feel, because plastic below knob actually grinds over rugged metal.
    My previous RD16 had much better clicking feel and control over stopping.
    So I wonder is there any way to tighten something a bit to improve stopping strength?

    2. Mini compass attached to it doesn't actually work, It's always off balance and stuck. I tried to flick it gently but no help.
    After flick it adjusts but after that its back in off balance position.
    This isn't a biggie because I don't expect any accuracy fro such small thing, JFYI


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    unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the detent strength of the rotator. If you use a shutter cord and the rotator is leveled, it should work fine.
    We listen. We try harder.


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      Thanks for the input.
      However IMHO, R20 would still benefit for little bit stronger spring (or some way to adjust it)
      I'm using IR remote control, but I need to use wheel on camera when adjusting exposure for HDR photos
      Atm even with perfectly leveled rotator, its still to too easy to turn it by slight touch.
      It says that rotator supports 1,5 kg gear and this gear is less than 1 kg.