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How to minimise nadir and zenith when using NN R20

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  • How to minimise nadir and zenith when using NN R20

    I am a panoramic photography beginner and am using a NN R20 with Samyang 8mm fisheye + Canon 760d to shoot 360 photos for the purpose of making Google Virtual Tours. I can't work out how to minimize the nadir and zenith in my photo spheres uploaded to Google Maps. I am using Autopano Giga Pro. I have tried exporting the panoramas as spherical with and without cropping. I continue to get the same result of large black holes where the zenith and nadir are.

    I thought that the NN R20 was made specifically for the purposes of uploading to Google so I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong.. any advice appreciated

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    The GTP officially support 3 lens rings which have 180 degree vertical angle of view. They are Sigma 8mm F3.5, Sigma 8mm F4 and Canon 8-15mm Fisheye. Samyang 8mm is different. It does not have wide enough angle of view. To increase the angle of view, you can rotate the camera to have the senor diagonal vertical. Our lens ring allows the operation easily. Then shoot 6 shots around. The GTP kit is default to 4 shot. Another way is to shoot zenith and nadir shots manually. If zenith and nadir is flat scene, PTGUI can stitch them automatically. Nick
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