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Taming a hanging camera strap

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  • Taming a hanging camera strap

    Maybe it is just me, but I have a devil of a time keeping a hanging camera strap out of the way while I rotate the head 360° -- it always seems to end up wrapped around the tripod, trying to cause mischief. I got a new strap with quick-release buckles (there are several brands on the market; mine was by Tamrac). But, when using a fish-eye lens one of the buckles always seems to get in the frame. So, I got a package of VelcroŽ brand stick-on squares (7/8", but any type or brand of hook and loop fastener would work); put the fuzzy side on the camera top and the hook side on the strap, as shown in the pictures. Now the strap and buckles stay out the frames. Any placement will work, limited only by your imagination and need.
    Buckles secured on camera top out of the way of lens Buckle with Velcro hook applied and cut to shape
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    You could either use a detachable strip too and can take it away while using your camera for shooting. Well the solution you got is also good to use if having the same issue.

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