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Preventing Zoom Creep

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  • Preventing Zoom Creep

    There are three reasons to avoid a zoom lens for a panorama: (1) a heavy long lens requiring a larger pano head and sturdier tripod, (2) a changing NPP point depending upon the focal length set, and (3) zoom creep. Zoom Creep occurs when the lens changes the zoom position when you point the camera up or down for a multi-row shot.

    The solution is use a prime, but sometimes a zoom is what you have. In that case use some tape, or buy the LENSband Lens Band. I have not used this, but it is interesting to know it exists. $5 at B&H.
    Robert Rose
    Barking Deer Photography

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    I agree with rjrose. Those using a zoom lens for panoramas or gigapixel images and easier knock the zoom out without knowing resulting in very skewed results. I generally tape my zoom lenses with painters tape. It would be good suggestion to Nick to consider making a low cost band solution. I would further add the rubber lens sleeve on my Tokina 12-28 became loose (unglued) so having a band to cover larger area would be ideal.