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  • Level using Leveler II

    Hi all, I am wondering if I did this wrongly, so I am hoping to get some answer my doubt.

    I am using EZ leveler II with a NN4.

    I first set up my tripod properly, with one leg tug in; for nadir shot as learn from this forum - the moving of the tripod backwards.

    After mounting the camera onto NN4, levelise the NN4 using EZ leveler II at the initial start. Do I require to adjust after each turning, tilting up and down? Or, the initial levelise is good to go for all shot?

    Please advise me.

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    No, there is no need to re-level for each shot. The level on the NN4 is very sensitive and some slight bubble drift is normal.
    Once the level is set correctly for the first shot you will be good to go.
    Today is worth two tomorrows.


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      Car interior panos are shot with the pano head poking into the driver's side window at 90 degrees. The most important thing is to not change anything as you capture your scene (other than moving the pano head from one position to the next).


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        No wonder I have some slight problem when doing stitching! Sometimes it works, some times it don't.

        I am using 14mm Samyang. With some advise, I now shoot with 60 degree up of 6 points, then 30 degree down of 6 point, with 2 nadir (with tripod moving)

        Whichever point, up or down, after I had checked the parallax and balancing for the first point, it will be throughout, right?

        How about Nadir? Do I require to balance it?
        1st nadir, pointing down, i balance it.
        2nd nadir, after turning the cam out using nadir adapter and move till the end, i will balance it again.

        I suppose that is fine, right?


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          You only balance your first shot and the Nadir2 shot because you moved the tripod sideways. Nadir2 is a bit out of level because you set torque to the system.