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iOS woes - every updates breaks your panos too? - Android time?

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  • iOS woes - every updates breaks your panos too? - Android time?

    iOS6. I downgraded back to 4.3.3 after going to iOS6, my panos viewed on a iphone4 loads but i so slow, it's unviewable in my opinion. iPad running iOS6 seems ok but less responsive. Anyone else having these issues?

    anyone tried on android devices? The same html5 output i used when viewed on android, i tried on the nexus, galaxy note2, it's even slower when panning around.

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    Smooth playing of panos on iOS devices depends for a large part on the tile sizes.
    If tiles are too large the performance will be less and the browser can even crash...

    I suggest you limit the tile size for iPhones to 800 px and for iPads with iOS 5.x or higher to 1440 px

    For testing you can try my pole panos, they have tiles of 800 px for iPhones with retina screen and tiles of 960 px for all iPads.

    They run smooth on all iPhones and iPads with iOS 4.x to 6.x so if they don't run smooth there must be something wrong with your device.

    Did you ever try a hard reset of your iOS device ? Sometimes this helps to solve issues.
    Google for the procedure how to do this and for other tips if a hard reset don't help.

    If you have a jailbroken iOS device you could try to run a pano with disabled tweaks, google for the procedure how to boot your device in safe mode, all iOS panos should then run fine.

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