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Setting MKII with D90

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  • Setting MKII with D90

    I got the MKII this week and when I searched the website for the sitting with Nikon D90 and sigma lens 10-20 , I didn't find the setting for D90, so if some one can help with that.



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    If you take a look at the wiki Entrance Pupil database at , you will see that the D90 is similar to the D80. The Camera Settings database at has the settings for a D80, and included therein will be found settings for the Sigma 10-20mm. It's always advisable to check the settings youself, which is not difficult. See:


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      Hello Bassem,

      Welcome to the world of NN users.

      The point at which the rays coincide for your Sigma 10-20mm lens is 6mm back from the gold ring if you are @ the 10mm end and on the gold ring if you are @ the 20mm end as shown on:
      The vertical access of rotation of the NN should pass through this point shown near the bottom of:

      I would suggest using the lens at the 10mm end to get the largest field of view.

      Although I have a Sigma 10-20mm lens my bodies are D300 and D3100 so I cannot give you the actual values on the rails, but if you line up the lens as shown this should be a good starting point.

      If you really are stuck I can probably find a D90 to put the Sigma onto, but this may not be until next week.

      Best regards, Hugh.


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        Hi Bassem,

        Welcome to the forum.

        You already got a lot o hints to find your settings.

        LRS = lower rail setting D90 NN3 MKII is 56 with my equipment.

        This is a databases you should look at in case you do not find settings: L1 D90 is 40mm, Sima 10-20mm = L2 shows 62mm @ zoom10, 64mm @ zoom 14, and 68mm @ zoom 20.

        To get URS = Upper Rail Settings: add L1 + L2: zoom 10 102mm , zoom 14 104mm and zoom 20 108mm.

        But you always have to check the settings on your own with your own equipment. So you have to learn this anyway. Best way: use John's links.

        So long,
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