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The NN Mysteries of Sony NEX-5 for Demon Duck

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    Originally posted by hindenhaag View Post
    Demon, this screw has a built in system: it opens and closes the lens ring, so not just a single screw but a assembled system of parts. So you should leave this as it is designed. Grinding is no problem. Let's just wait for the samyang 7.5 lens to arrive to check your plate design. I hope end of next week.

    Send an IM with your email address.

    Nick has mentioned this before that he will change to QRC-40B to be usable on all NN's.

    Yes, let's wait until you get the 7.5mm. I'm still not sure what lens I'm going to keep. I have the 8mm but it's the Alpha mount version and I have to use an adapter. I would prefer a simpler kit. But your plate design looks very promising. I'll send you my email address.