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  • portland oregon vr site

    hi all, i'm sure i've seen a lot of you elsewhere

    anyway here's my site

    all shot with a nn3 bought in mid january, only a few shot before then and now over 120 vr's since then. i've been busy

    thanks for looking

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    Re: portland oregon vr site

    For anyone who missed these (although i posted them on 2 other sites)....

    Aftermath of fire

    Here's a link to the whole set

    Here are links to the lower resolution versions. Remove the the "-lores" at the end to see the high res versions or just use the link above.

    On the last 3 I used an artificial lighting source and I'm not totally pleased with the result but as they aren't something you see every day, I felt they were worth processing. The others had many technical issues (noise, exposure latitude, ghosting/flare) mostly due to operator error, but I think I've resolved them the best I can for now.

    I also uploaded 11 other vr's at the same time. They can be viewed here:

    Thanks for your comments/critiques

    Michael Medina


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      Re: portland oregon vr site

      I have enjoyed your VRs and like the subtle way you have recorded your copyright. Great work!

      lanky 23


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        Re: portland oregon vr site


        i'm trying to figure something else out for the copyright, something just a little less subtle as what i do sometimes is too subtle.