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Sedona Arizona Creek Bed

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  • Sedona Arizona Creek Bed

    Been awhile since I posted a pano so thought I would share a recent one I did in Sedona AZ.
    We're fortunate to live so close to this very scenic area - less than a 2 hour drive.
    Camera: Nikon D3x
    Lens: Nikon 10.5mm
    Shutter Speed: 10/1250
    F stop: f/16
    ISO: 200
    Pano head: NN5 wR-D16 and EZ-Leveler-II - of course
    Tripod: Manfrotto 3001BN
    Software: PTGui Pro / Pano2QTVR / PS CS4
    Workflow: 4 shots around with 5 degree tilt up (to catch zenith) - NN vertical assembly then turned 180 degrees with tripod offset 18" to shoot 1 nadir.
    Shots were bracketed (that pano will come later) but this sample pano is a quickie from jpeg single shots only so excuse the poor quality.

    ps - a bit more on Sedona:

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    Re: Sedona Arizona Creek Bed

    Hi Bill,

    i only say wow to this pano and to NN and Fanotec. I foolowed you and Nick since a while on the forum, and i like to say, great respect for what both of you are doing for your customers. I adore for both of you, cause in this time of financial crisis and the aiming the golden goal of "Big amount of Profit", it takes me a long time to think for somebody like both of you working hard for your customers: "you listen", and "you try harder". Everyone out there on the net: did you ever see a Bill Gates or a Steve Job answer their customers personally? And so quick? Listening to many questions and and to try to fulfill desires of their customers by making prototypes, buying parts for themselves to look for a problem? I am used to sit hours on my money to reach somebody on a "Help Desk", cause my printer does not work .

    So i like to ask everybody out there in the netspace: let us do everything we can do to help Bill and Nick by sending rail settings you found yourself for "Exotic lens camera combinations", tell your friends about this brilliant products, and may be you send a translation for instructions in your native language.
    The Market is vivid. Every moment something new. So let us use the forum to give information to new members to be able to get convinced of the brilliant hardware they got. They want to go out to make nice panos. Not being scarred to find their rail settings. So everybody out there on the net, i try to spend some of my time to find out about NNP for Nikkor lenses with D3. So what, canonians, sonies, and everybody else, let us try hard to help this very special team of a small, but very special company in this time of the world.

    Thanks Bill and Nick to convince your customer community that you really "Listen" and "Try harder".

    Great respect



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      Re: Sedona Arizona Creek Bed

      Very nice pano Bill.

      es, I am happy with my NN5L and enjoying my D8 rotator. I need to order the 16 position rotator.


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        Re: Sedona Arizona Creek Bed

        Originally posted by Bill Bailey View Post
        Pano head: NN5 wR-D16 and EZ-Leveler-II - of course
        LOL...well this is funny....=))

        Originally posted by Bill Bailey View Post
        Workflow: 4 shots around with 5 degree tilt up (to catch zenith) -
        I see some cluttered sun burst at zenith view, is this because the zenith was covered by 4 shots with 5 degree tilt-up?

        Riefa Istamar