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  • Pole + R10 ring

    Hello Forum,

    A few days ago I shot some pole panos with the new Nodal Ninja R10 ring on the market of Ouddorp - The Netherlands.

    Editing of the footprint of the pano that is shot in the shade of a house was a piece of cake by cloning the stones in the street with Photoshop and for the panos that are shot in the sun I used a separate nadirshots that are blended with PTGui's VP correction to get rid off the shade of the short pole. The nadir shots are taken a few steps aside from the original position.

    The new R10 (without the rotator) is very suited for use on a pole, the 3/8" socket at the bottom of the base makes it possible to mount the R10 directly on a pole and the camera can easily removed from the R10 with the quick release (QR) clamp.
    For pole panos I place the rail in a more forwards position on the QR clamp to place the lens approx. 10 mm out of NPP.
    This is very easy to do as the rail can slide a few cm forwards and backwards in the QR clamp.
    By setting the lens in a small NPP offset position I reduce the already small footprint of the R10 to almost zero, usually only my fingers around the pole are visible in the nadir of the pano.

    For use on a tripod the R10 is also very suited but then I prefer a little up tilt of 2.5 degree, I then also mount the R-D4 rotator to the base of the R10 (with 2 screws and the supplied hex key).

    Enjoy the panos.


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    Re: Pole + R10 ring

    Looks great! Any tips for keeping the pole vertically level while you shoot/rotate?

    Moss Creek Media


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      Re: Pole + R10 ring

      Very nice work.

      Today is worth two tomorrows.


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        Re: Pole + R10 ring

        Hi guys,

        Thanks for your positive comments.

        I have some tips for shooting on a pole:
        1) For leveling it is important that the pole is equipped with a good and large bubble level,
        2) A spike mounted at the center of the bottom of the pole makes rotating very easy and it prevents slipping of the pole (don't forget to put a protection on the spike when carrying the pole to prevent that you harm people),
        3) It can be very stressful to keep a long pole handheld in a precise vertical position, especially when there is wind, that's why I have chosen to limit the length of my handheld pole to 3.3 meter,
        4) Take enough shots, it makes it so much easier to stitch the pano and the errors will be less so take 6 instead of 4 roundshots,
        5) With a crop sized sensor and a 8mm fish eye lens set the camera in a 60 degree slanted position to get a full 180 degree coverage, only pixel peepers will complain but for all others the results will be fine.
        6) Shoot more then one nadir patch from several positions, it is better to choose later which image you will use then to find out that you came home with useless images.



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          Re: Pole + R10 ring

          Wow the quality on that is great!

          I'm a noob to this so do you mind if I ask what tool you used to stitch the pano and what tool to create the VR?



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            Re: Pole + R10 ring

            Hello Stu,

            For stitching I use PTGui Pro with VP correction (Advanced mode) for all shots and for creating the flash pano I use Pano2VR.



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              Re: Pole + R10 ring

              Thanks for the info. I downloaded a demo of Pano2VR the other day and have been playing with that, it seems to work well.

              I looked at your site and your panos are really cool! Very nice work! This set of the market really gives a great feel for being there.

              I'm so excited to start making some on my own.