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    Hello Everyone,
    I just created my first Pano and have a few questions. I see a lot users used Pano2VR in conjuction to PTgui. When I look at a lot of the posts here that also say first pano nothing is displayed and a box stating pano2VR has expired. I happened to use PTgui for this pano but I had tried Panoweaver 6.0 and plublish it for a web site. Wasn't happy with the output and after trying PTgui I was amazed how easy the process was and good the picture looked.

    I have a Nikon D300 with their 10.5 Fisheye and NN5. I only see a bit of a problem with the stiching at the top where the panduit shows. By the way I'm working here in Iraq and this is a 360 of my room. I took the top and bottom pics but only used 6 pictures for now it was getting late that night.

    I will probally go ahead and buy the PTgui but does it not publish file for a web is that the reason for pano2VR. I had seen one usres panos that listed that was the software and his pano were just amazing. He was from Russia doing a 360 x 160 for a car to use in a camercial and listed the software. He also used Photoshop to edit the pictues. Everyone was so amazed they kept asking him his process.

    Please look at mine and any tips suggestions is welcomed. I used live view to obtain what looked like good settings and Histogram and then shot in manual as I read suggestions from other users here. I was pleased with the quality of the shot but I may need to adjust the setting for I used the new Quick release system and 86 -4.5 for the quick releasr came to 81.5 but the Entrance Pupil per the manual should be close to my gold ring. I used 60% with 6 shots.


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    Re: First Pano

    Hi DK, the panographer you reffer on dpreview, Andrey, is the number one in my personal top of indoor panographers so no wonder even if entire world is amazed of his work

    About your pano, try to set the lateral (lower) setting of the camera until, if camera is oriented downward the center of your NN rotator is in the center of the frame, then tilten the upper arm of the NN up until you see just the entire circle of the NN rotator at lower edge of the frame.
    Now take sets of 6 shoots as you do for the pano, writing down the settings used for each set, each set to be at different settings on upper arm of NN, say 5 mm in front of lens's golden ring, then increase the setting with 2mm and take another set, then increase again with 2 mm, so on for 10 sets.
    Stitch those sets with PTgui, and after you find the set which has a result a pano which show the better stitched floor and better the rotator (less doubled or multiplied) around the best setting used for the best set further fine tune it with 0.5 mm or so until you have the best you can get.
    At the end of this booth the objects very near to the camera as the rotator and those far away as floor and the rest of the room will be good into the pano.

    Use railstops or write down the setting used for further use.

    You might discover that the lower settings is also need to be adjusted and also you my never obtain a perfect image of the rotator until you gain some skills in optimisation in PTgui but you I'll have some perfect settings for start.

    Feel free to ask for more info or for better English,


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      Re: First Pano

      One more thing, my post above must be understanded as a way to fine tune the settings around one settings you have from user manual, other experience's or taken from NN's settings webpage.

      Another thing, I saw in your pano that you have something soft under the tripod legs, is better to have none i.e. the setup must be sturdy enough to don't have play nor to be tilted by your weight when you rotate around the tripod at shooting because of soft floor.



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        Re: First Pano

        Thanks Dorin,
        Great advice for although it's reported and I suspected my lens didn't look to be eactly where it should be the 2mm test should be exactly the what I need to do. I seen your your 2 lens pano and the detail is incredible. I see you use KRpano to publish your pano for the web right? Did you try the Pano2VR. I'm still new trying to figure out why anyone needs something beside PTgui. I'm working twelve hour days here but have this Sunday off and can't wait to get started. I'm buying the PTgui for sure and then I'll see what ever else I need. This fanscinates me so.

        Thanks again


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          Re: First Pano

          Hi, DK.

          Yes, I published the high resolution pano with krpano which has some particular features for publishing the pano of that size, 50,000 x 25,000 pixels equirectangular.
          see more details of it's features at

          In short, the big cube faces (converted from the equirectangular) are subtiled in many pices (tiles) of, say, 625x625 pixels each, and according with the zoom level an the camera orientation (the camera of viewer) only the needed pieces are dowloaded and shown by the viewer in their correct places.
          So for a particular reggion of the panorama are more than one piece featuring that reggion. In the "zoom out" tiles the reggion is downssampled and for the extreme zoom in them hold 1:1 625x625 rectangle area from the big cube face.

          I guess, in the future, other flash viewers will have such capabilities, then could be available on Pano2VR too.