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  • Underwater VR images

    I use NN3 in some interesting places here in New Caledonia and in Vanuatu, like balancing on a rock in the middle of the rapids of a river:


    NN makes it easy to set up quickly and easily while balancing on the edge of a rock

    But one place I have not been able to make it work is underwater on coral reefs - especially when holding my breath.

    I believe these are the first underwater sphere images ever taken -


    All the other images were taken using my NN.

    Richard Chesher

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    Re: Underwater VR images

    Great shots I love them.
    How You managed to stitch the underwater stuff I have no idea... there are so few fixed features for control points.


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      Re: Underwater VR images

      Hey Richard,
      Excellent work - thanks for sharing. Shots like these makes you appreciate just how quickly and easily Nodal Ninja can be setup.
      There have been other underwater 360 panoramas and they are always fun to view. If you are using Nodal Ninja underwater (not recommended and may void your warranty) I would suggest spraying or applying a very light coating of oil first on all parts being submerged. Afterwards be sure to take extra care to clean it thoroughly and recoat with oil wiping off all excess residue. Any water, especially salt water, is very abusive to anodized aluminum and will tend to create rust pitting in a short period of time. There are areas very difficult to reach for cleaning like the ball bearing components.
      If doing underwater panos you should consider two pano heads and use one exclusively for this harsh environment. This way you can replace parts and repair as needed. We'll work with you on replacement parts as best we can.