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First 360 panos - Chile and Argentina including Torres Del Paine and Santiago

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  • First 360 panos - Chile and Argentina including Torres Del Paine and Santiago

    Hi all,

    It's another of those "my first panos" posts But like many I feel like it's a real achievement, and like many I've spent many hours editing and processing the photos into a high quality 360x180 degree panos (though I feel it's more like a 360x360?). I have posted 4 panos onto this website:

    They include the view from a big hill in Santiago, Chile; the town square in Bariloche, Argentina; the Torres camp ground in Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, Chile; and the lookout/mirador in Punta Arenas, Chile, one of the most southern Chilean cities.

    This website allows you to upload a high resolution picture (mine are 85 MP 13000x6500) and they have a very clever processing which scales it down to smaller a tiles and loads more detailed views on demand as people view your pictures. You can also tag the location and heading of the pictures, and they get added automatically to a layer on google earth. It's free for them to host your pictures, though you have to upload a minimum of 4 panos and have them reviewed before you can post to the web. Also they will actively promote your panos and give you something like 50% of the license fee if they are successful in selling them.

    As I said, these are my first 360 panos and I'm happy to accept any feedback/critique if anyone has any. I'm pretty happy with the way I've managed to insert a clean nadir picture for most of the shots (Bariloche is the exception). Also I know the Punta Arenas shot suffers from chromatic aberation (I tried to clean this up in the raw processing for the other shots). I was surprised how much post processing I needed to do after the stitching to clean up any seams, and fix any people that had moved between shots (e.g only 1/2 a person appearing in the shot).

    In terms of technical details I used a Canon 40D with 10-22 at 10mm with a sequence of Zenith, 8 pictures at +30, 8 pictures at -30 and a number of Nadirs from tripod and 1 handheld. Post processing in Canon DPP for RAW processing and PTGui 8 for stitching.

    Hope you like them,