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OK, my turn. Here's my first 360x180

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  • OK, my turn. Here's my first 360x180

    Shot with a Canon 5D, Sigma 12-24mm (at 12mm)
    3 rows, 12 shots each (overkill )
    Stitched with Autopano Pro (fantastic program, by the way) and converted to flash with Pano2VR (in trial mode).
    I had some obvious problems with the nadir but I this was only a test.

    This is Marin County, California. You can see George Lucas' Big Rock Ranch

    Google Earth Coordinates:
    38? 2'47.91"N

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    Re: OK, my turn. Here's my first 360x180


    My parents lived between Vallejo and Benicia for years (and I lived there for about a year myself)... this pano invokes some good memories of my exploration trips around the area.

    On another, more sillier note... I wish demo/trial software would put something more interesting than "xxx Program - Trial" all over the image... they should put inspirational sayings, or maybe knock knock jokes... or random obscene words! Maybe that's why nobody has asked me to write software. Ho hum



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      Re: OK, my turn. Here's my first 360x180

      Ah - flash back - this my old backyard and have been up and down most of these hills by bike and hike. I also did a bit of work for George back in the day when they were building Skywalker Ranch (unfortunately not photography). The Ranch is huge - 4700 acres and he paid 100 mil for it. Big Rock Ranch was built next door with over 1000 acres but I believe is near vacant when they moved to the Presidio in San Francisco. Hey - we even sell a few pano heads to them each year as well.

      Your first attempts at doing full spherical panoramas are excellent - bit of tweaking here and there but you seem to have the workflow down.
      Thanks for sharing.


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        Re: OK, my turn. Here's my first 360x180

        Thanks Bill.
        Yeah, I tried I think almost every sub $200 Mac pano stitiching program out there. Autopano Pro is truly amazing.
        I just wish it included the ability to output VRs directly.

        Re: Skywalker, I shot their QTVR tour that you can find here:

        That was four + years ago and I used Panorama Factory version 3 and a Canon 20D, 10-22mm and the original Bogen 302 QTVR kit.
        I should try to talk them into having me re-shoot in spherical.