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Wanted, Churches and other related scenes.

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  • Wanted, Churches and other related scenes.

    I started a site a few years ago called 'It Was Built On Faith' and had hopes of adding to it but life has slowed down my efforts. The original premiss is to show off MY work and limit it to places of worship, completely non denominational but now I see no reason to not have it a site to show off OUR work.

    Originally it was to also give me experience in multi-user wordpress (separate wordpress installs under a master site) now I am going to redo it as a single wp install.

    So if you have any thing you would like to have included I would be happy to include it. I will control the layout but all credit will be given to you. You can submit the copy and links, or I will host the files for you.

    If you do the tour I will want it to be both flash and HTML5 or just HTML5. I will also want it tiled so the loading and zooming is quick. Or you can send me the panoramas and I will build the tour for you. Probably with either Krpano or Kolor's Panotour Pro.

    I in NO way want to take credit for your work, I just want to continue my original project.

    If you build the tour you are welcome to add a logo and link back to your own site, etc. I will also expect you to do a small write up regarding the tour. Take a look at how I have done it to get the idea.

    As stated earlier, these are places built on faith, not just a Christian Church. I think it would be great to have every religion presented. In the ones I did do, I have pano tours as well as image galleries. Let your imagination and talent go for it.

    You will retain all ownership and only be granting me a revokable license to display and host your work.