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    Hello Forum,

    Inspired by the panoramas of John Law, who shot some nice images of the artwork of James Turrell when he was attending the PanoTools Meeting in Den Haag, I visited Kijkduin myself on October 10.

    I shot there some panoramas with a handheld Fanotec prototype double monopod (the travel pole I demo'd in Den Haag) at varies heights (1.5 to 3 m) with a Canon 5D + shaved Tokina 10-17@14.5mm + Fanotec RS-1 panohead + pole rotator + footplate.

    For each pano I shot 6 images around and 1 shadow patch shot with a tilt of -15 degree, 1 zenith shot with a tilt of +60 degree tilt, for panorama #2 I also shot an extra nadir patch with a tilt of approx. -45 degree to enhance the image quality in nadir.
    For all images the lens was shifted 12 mm forwards out of NPP to get the smallest footprint of the panohead as possible.

    By zooming out to an extreme fov it is possible to get a "crater view" of pano #3,

    I am sure I will visit the location more often, especially the view from the panorama top is very nice.
    For our Dutch forum members, if you are living not far from Kijkduin and have a chance to visit the location I am sure you will not regret it (tip, bring a telelens with you).
    See for the location the link below each panorama.

    Below an image that could be part of Panorama Mesdag, the famous painting the PanoTools Meeting attendees visited on one of the excursions.
    The image is shot from the panorama top with a compact camera with the zoomlens set at 500 mm (equivalent), the ships are sailing by Hoek van Holland at a large distance and are, although barely, visible in panorama #4.

    I hope you like the panoramas.

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    Hi Wim,

    I like these panoramas very much. They’re a very good use of the pole’s viewpoint. We get a good view of the entire site and the ‘vault’ in its setting.

    I’m sure this would be an enjoyable place to visit.