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Too much HDR or not ? Eglise d'Iracoubo (French Guyana)

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  • Too much HDR or not ? Eglise d'Iracoubo (French Guyana)


    I would appreciate feedback on that pano (don't look at nadir, I didn't correct it yet) about HDR settings. Do you think it's too much or is it ok ?



    Flash interactive version:
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    Hi Vincen,

    looking at the pic my first impression is it's too much. It seems to be better for me on the pano/html file. Color saturation could be a little bit lower for me. The colors look better for me for example in the right corner of jpeg.



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      Hello Vincen

      I tend to agree with Heinz, but when I look at the actual interactive panorama I think that the intensities of the colours suit the subject.
      As I don't know the subject it is difficult to to know if his is really what it looks like, but the vibrant colours do look as if this is what the creators of his church intended.

      So many churches in England were really magnificently colourful in the past, but can be less so today so I think it is great to celebrate this building in this way.

      You could tone down the HDR just a touch, but this will probably detract from the result, but then what do I know? Like you are doing here, I like to experiment and I do like this one.

      Al the best, Hugh.


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        The purpose of HDR is to take a scene with a wide dynamic range and render the image the way our eyes see it. Your whites are blown out in the windows and doors. First get a handle on processing blown whites, then concentrate on the color levels. I do not do HDR, so I cannot point you in the right direction.


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          Hello Vincen

          I take the point that Dennis has made and wonder if you are using HDR to blend bracketed exposures or simply to control the colour intensity.

          I use HDR for the first purpose where light levels vary widely across the subject and recently took panoramas from seat locations at Wimbledon Tennis and Twickenham Rugby where the courts/pitches were in sunlight and the back of the stands almost in darkness so I bracketed 7 exposures at one stop intervals for each shot, which resulted in a huge number of images and a lot of processing, but I am assuming, because the windows and doors in your image are over exposed, that you are using the HDR tools to control the colour intensity. Is this the case?