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another 1st pole pano

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  • another 1st pole pano

    shot with a modified Manfrotto 269hdbu at 21ft. i didn't even bother attempting a nadir patch, ill do it next time.

    Shot on a 5Dii and 15mm FE with NN4, 6 shots at +30, 6 shots at -15. triggered with Pocketwizard PlusII's, stitched in PTgui Pro

    *EDIT* ... did an edit on the photos, and quickly edited the nadir. there are a few flare issues in the stitching, but this is just a test, so I'm not going to fix it
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    good job. So you raise the pole for first row, low it to change the tilt and raise it up to take the 2nd row? you said you had the wire for the pole? is that troublesome to use?

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      put it up, 6 around, bring it down, change angle, put it up, 6 around. it doesn't take that long.

      my support cable setup is a little bit troublesome, but this was also my 1st time trying it.

      basically i used a Manfrotto 679b monopod to stick in the top of the 269hdbu. i used a 30mm id 3 hole flanged bearing mounted to it. the cables go from that down to each leg on the stand. because of the bearing, it allows the cables to remain stable, but the center shaft to spin around, making it easy for pano's.

      it is a little unstable going all the way up, just because the 269 doesn't raise completely straight. once its high enough the cable pull it tight and align it properly, since the cables are all the exact same length, and its stable.

      maybe another day when its nice out, ill make a quick video on how it works

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        i still have another 5 feet higher that i can go (up to 26'), but I'm not sure I'm going to attempt it. with the 679b monopod, NN4, 5dii, 15mm, pocket wizard, and safety strap, it weighs about 7 pounds. i might add some similar weight to it to test it. and see how it goes up. it might be fine, but not on windy day


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          nicely done. I'm certainly interested in seeing a video of your rig and how you use it.



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            its going to be a few days before i get it done. we are supposed to get a big snow fall tonight, and its not too great out there right now