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Missouri State Parks

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  • Missouri State Parks

    NN3, PtGui, Pano2QTVR, D100 w/ 10.5mm

    I did a little camping and kayaking this week.

    I used photoshop to stack and blend the 2-shot nadirs, before sending to PtGui. After PtGui, the panos where resized and sharpened in photoshop before going to Pano2QTVR.

    Shameless plug for the NN3 (so I can get into the contest and win big. Although, I'm really very happy with the current NN3. Maybe one of those new rotators?) The NN3 is so small and light, that I was able to take it camping and hiking, and yet so accurate that I was able to template my first pano onto the following panos. Control points? With the NN3, the word is "easy". Let PtGui generate 'em, then go to the control point table, highlight anything over 0.55 and delete it.

    The wife and I at Thousand Hills State Park in Kirksville, MO

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    Re: Missouri State Parks

    On the Thousand Hills State Park pano looks like you had to setup the camera timer on the self-portrait shot and run up the hill quickly to get in it - tough to do while trying to look relaxed and calm

    well done - thx for sharing