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More VR's of Sicilia

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  • More VR's of Sicilia

    Click on this line for more VR-panorama's made in Taormina - Sicilia.

    My website:
    8,67 Gigapixels Panorama:

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    Nice :) but few things to get them better:
    -> it lacks of focus or my eyes are really tired
    -> colors are a little washed, check your white balance !
    -> on first panoramas, verticals are not, be careful about that as panoramas looks to be a little tilted

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      thanks to a gout attack, a belated response:

      Thanks for you tips and opinion!
      I've rebuild all once more... the colors are better now (i hope so :001_unsure: ).
      The first one was on a slope of a hill. The building was on top of the hill.

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      My website:
      8,67 Gigapixels Panorama:


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        Hi Johan,

        cause there is no link, I used your old one.

        I like the places and the different infos. Did you use bracketing?

        My personal impression besides this: I feel you loose a lot of details in shadow areas. Your shadows are very dark. In total this makes the panos less "friendly" to me. Though the colors in the sky and in the bright areas are nice, in total the dark areas leave a sort of "hmmm" feeling after walking around. Besides this I miss a lot of info in these areas and it leaves a sort of "Gothic Impression". Like too much chilli in the spaghetties which you taste after 15sec.

        The underexposed areas, the people on the market in the restaurant on the right hand site are part of the scene to me. An italian place lives from the trattorias as well, you know that's the place where life pulses. You meet to talk, to have a nice snack or meal. So because of the dark underexposed areas I miss this infos. Same in the last pano on the terrace.

        So trying to correct the underexposed areas either in Highlight - Shadow correction or in Raw, would take away the "Gothic Impression" for me personally and I believe would turn your panos to a more brilliant impression without the late taste of too much chilli with the pasta. But this is just my personal feeling and a friendly comment.

        Kind regards Johan,
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          Johan, Sorry to hear about your gout attack. I hope you are better now.

          I think it's a bad idea to have 11 VR panoramas on one page: the page takes forever to load. It's convenient to zoom in and out using the scroll wheel on the mouse, but this also scrolls the page at the same time and so is confusing (except in fullscreen mode). The panoramas look interesting and generally of good quality, but the fullscreen button only works for me on the first panorama; on the others, the button jumps about when clicked but the panorama doesn't switch into fullscreen mode. (I'm using IE8 on Windows 7 64bit).

          As already pointed out, several of the panoramas need levelling. An equirectangular image can easily be accurately levelled in a couple of minutes. If you aren't familiar with the technique, see this video: