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  • My pano's

    I published on my private homepage:

    Most panos were made with NN3 and an Nikon D300 with Sigma 10-20mm. The one from Sulawesi was made freehand with D300 and Nikon 10mm Fisheye.

    All panos were stiched with Autopano Pro or Giga.

    Please comment my work! Thank you!

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    Re: My pano's

    I get Google API errors when entering the website and once past that I can't view QTVR on my 64 bit :-(
    Without seeing them I might suggest offering alternate viewers like flash. Also direct links specific panos for criticism would be helpful rather than asking to view them all.
    I'll try having another look on different machine later.


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      Re: My pano's

      Hello Christian,

      I managed to view some of your panos after I passed 2 messages about a missing/wrong Google Maps API key.

      I found it a little hard to view them because the QTVR panos are small and the player can't be set to show them at a higher resolution so I saved(*) one pano localy (Sulawesi-torajavillage).
      When I viewed it at full screen I was bafled by the beautifull scene, very impressive.
      (*)I deleted the pano immidiatly after viewing.

      May I suggest that you also output your panos in Flash 10 and that you will enable the option to view them fullscreen ?
      Perhaps you can also try to reduce the huge stitching errors, I am not familiar with Autopano Pro so I don't know if this software has an option to reduce errors with a VP correction method (as found in PTGui Pro), if so I am pretty sure that you can reduce the errors of the handheld shot pano a lot.



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        Re: My pano's

        Yes, it's a pity that the display window is limited to about 640x180; a fullscreen option would be nice to show off the many interesting panoramas. However, some of the .mov files are excessively large e.g 14 and 16MB. Even for a fullscreen display, you need no more than around 3MB (unless you want to get into multiresolution panos). But there are too many stitching errors in the panoramas I looked at, and the image quality is variable. The Nikon D300 is an excellent camera with good noise performance, but how to account for the difference in noise between the two adjacent shots in this crop:



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          Re: My pano's

          Thank you very much for all your comments!

          The Google problem is solved now. About the 64-bit-Win incompatibility: I'll try to find a solution.

          The fullscreen view of pano's is in work. The whole site is in beta right now, 'cause I'm developing a new version. There are layout problem with Internet Explorers too.

          @Wim.Koornneef: I'm still trying to find the best config for Autopano and I'll have to learn to work in manual mode in Autopano. I depend to much on the auto mode.

          @John Houghton: I just say wow! I didn't notice the bad quality of some parts. I'll try to iron that out. :blushing:

          About the file size: Those are the smaller versions. The fullsize pano's are about 50-60MB. I try to show maximum quality, but I see the problem of those files with low-bandwidth connection. I have a 600kbit-connection myself. I'll think of a way to implement a high and low resolution file.

          Take care