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  • Cape Recief SA

    Hi All

    Just a quick post to introduce myself. I have started selling the NN range into the South African market and purchased a NN5 with RD16 as a demo product/Toy for myself. This is the third attempt at a stitch.

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    Re: Cape Recief SA

    Welcome here,

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the NN world

    For your panorama it looks pretty good for first tries

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      Re: Cape Recief SA

      yes - welcome to the family of resellers - a "very" select group indeed
      And it's good to see you being proactive by joining our forum and field testing the products. Your off to a great start and this image in worthy of store display.



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        Re: Cape Recief SA


        I'd like to live there too.....

        I think this will a good market for you. Since some time there are a lot of TV productions about germans who leave their country to live in south africa. A lot of them with restaurants, holiday apartments, or special shops, real estates etc. Enter the www for Vox, Pro7, ZDF etc. There you can follow up what is told about South Africa, and you can try to get to know who is trying to sell houses, make up their business etc. So either you might be able to sell NNProducts - for the best - or take panos on your own to sell them. Just an idea, google, and i hope we'll see a lot more of your beautiful countryside from you in the forum.

        All the best for your start up.



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          Re: Cape Recief SA


          don't forget the stellenbosh area... and a lot of people step over to namibia to spend their holidays in a lodge in the wilderness, think of a pano with a nice dinner on the terrace of a lodge, sunset, elephants, etc below the terrace.

          So might be a good idea to do namibia too. It's just round the corner....

          Anyway, who am i to tell you about this,

          i wish you and NN all the best,

          and with this pano, no doubt....